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22 April, 2006

Cycle ride: around Coniston Water

Having returned from our walk a little earlier than anticipated, I still had time and energy to do something else with the late afternoon, so I decided to go for a quick bike ride around Coniston Water.

Unfortunately, the mist was still rather thick, so there were few good views of the landscape; the light was poor for photographs of closer objects, too. Hence, only three photos are worth publishing.

Coniston Water is a narrow strip of water aligned roughly north-south. Having carefully studied the map, it seemed best to cycle anticlockwise, covering the higher western road first before I tired. Unfortunately, it was too late; I was already more weary than I'd thought, and I struggled with the hills.
Additionally, the logical theory was flawed in practice. The road along the eastern shore had fewer extremes of altitude, so looked flat on the map, but it undulated more within that narrower height range (i.e. less than the map's contour interval) and was actually just as hard work. The supposedly tougher western side took exactly 30 mins with photo stops, but the return trip took 34 non-stop.

In total, that was 14.16 miles (22.8 km) in 64:37 minutes, at an average speed of 13.1 mph. Though I reached 28.2 mph at least once, that was a slow ride, and I'm glad I had the excuse of having already climbed a 762 m (2,500') peak today!

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