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8 May, 2006


Sorry to get all wide-eyed and hippie-ish, but isn't it remarkable that we're so blasé about radio and TV broadcasts?
Every second of every day, pictures and sounds are passing through our bodies (well, their broadcast waveforms, anyway).  In those terms, it's mind-blowing; two hundred years ago it would have seemed like a bizarre fantasy, yet we accept it as entirely routine*.

Modern life does make sense.  Just don't think about it.

*: because it is?


You're right, and everyone carries a little box of tricks that plays music, takes pictures or at the very least means you can talk to someone across town, or across the world, even if you're up a mountain. It would have been outlandish fantasy thirty years ago, let alone two hundred. No-one seems to notice. Weird.

Posted by Ike at June 16, 2006 02:02 AM
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