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15 May, 2006


In a (rather too) wide-ranging article for the BBC, Lisa Jardine proposes that underused churches be deconsecrated and reused for other purposes, thereby saving under-maintained buildings for architectural heritage.

It's an interesting suggestion which, incidentally, isn't inherently anti-religious: the idea is for churches with dwindling congregations (most of them, it seems) to merge where practical. If a reduced number of churches could draw respectable combined attendences from larger catchment areas, it would seem to be a better use of resources than heating, lighting and maintaining huge buildings for the sake of less than a dozen people per service.

I'm not remotely gloating in acknowledging that the UK now has far greater, er, pew-space than christians choosing to fill it. Might a little rationalisation make sense, if only for the sake of preserving the buildings themselves in alternative uses?


Why not give all churches and religious buildings to artists, musicians and such people. Then we would have real spirituality going on in there. It's a pity to do as we do now; waste such good spaces on the worshipping of fairy tale characters.

Posted by Max Magnus Norman at May 19, 2006 11:02 AM
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