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5 May, 2006

Totally missing the point

No superficial charm can conceal the darker truth: that tattooing is a close cousin of self-harming, and that distorted self-image, eating disorders and destructive urges are now being made manifest in the tattoo parlour. That's why numbers are booming among young women.
Quite simply, body art is a projection of unhappiness and self-loathing.
Tattoos brand you a victim, not a liberated woman.

That's from a bizarre opinion piece by Melanie Reid in the The Herald. Ordinarily I'd ignore such sensationalist rubbish, but what planet (and century) is she from?

Incidentally, '20%' in the article's first paragraph becomes '1-in-4' three paragraphs later. Inflation?

[Via the tattooed & scarified Jack at Pandemian, whose comments on the article are far more eloquent than mine.]

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