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5 May, 2006

All or nothing

There's a poster on the wall in the foyer of Uni. House (central admin) – not something merely pinned to a noticeboard but framed, like a certificate or official statement. My line of sight must have passed over it dozens, probably hundreds of times, but I've never really registered that it's advertising Anglican services at Lancaster Priory.

Where's the one advertising the Blades Street Mosque, or the Wiccan 'Whatever-Wiccans-Have'? For that matter, where's the advert for the Polish Kościół or the catholic Cathedral? So far as I'm aware, the University isn't allowed to promote any one religion or sect, so I don't know how that slipped through.
No offence to Anglicans – I'd feel exactly the same way if, say, a Hindu temple was receiving preferential treatment – but this needs to be a case of all religious groups being equally represented, or absolutely none.

Investigations will be made. There may be a vacant space shortly....

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