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3 May, 2006

Too many vests

Having run the update installation* of Firefox, I've seen the 'update successful' page, which reminds users that we can add extra search engines to the Search Bar.  One recommended by Mozilla is "Wikipedia - An incredible, free, online encyclopedia".

Aye, 'incredible' in the sense of 'not credible'....

Wikipedia: wonderful idea, appalling execution. And before anyone says "if you don't like it, change it yourself", I did try, but my amendments, supported by verifiable citations, were immediately edited out by those with personal, or in at least one case, commercial, interests. Kind of discouraging. If certain people choose to appoint themselves 'lead editors' on specific topics, and delete anything challenging their personal perceptions of those topics (however well-intentioned), I really can't be bothered to challenge them; I offered my assistance once, and was rejected. Their loss. If that experience is repeated across the entire site, I have limited confidence in the information published.

*: Go on; update too. If you're on Fx 1.5, subsequent updates are of only the files to be amended, rather than a fresh download of the entire package. It only takes a moment.

[Update 11/5/06: Coincidentally, here's Neil Gaiman's view of Wikipedia.]

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