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29 April, 2006

Suspicion breeds confidence

Wired has a new blog related to privacy issues.  It's called '27B Stroke 6'.  I wonder why...? ;)

There's a mock-up of a 27b/6 here (.pdf format), but frankly the author missed the point and an opportunity: the form is supposed to be far, far more convoluted and onerous to complete properly.

It's also disappointing to see from Google that several people have the wrong form altogether. It's 27b/6, not 27b-6. 'Stroke', not 'dash'.
I'm sorry, but a member of Ministry personnel has to be a bit of a stickler for paper work. Where would we be if we didn't follow the correct procedures?

Okay; much of the foregoing entry is incomprehensible unless you get the references. A 27b/6 is a form required by duct repairmen in Terry Gilliam's film 'Brazil'; it's the ultimate bureaucratic 'paperwork gone mad', and an apt name for a blog about governmental intrusion into the lives of private individuals. The primary government department in the film is the Ministry of Information, after which this website is named.

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