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26 April, 2006

Cleaner baseline

In the near future, I plan to buy a new computer.  I'll want it to arrive with a bare-bones software preinstallation of WinXP, device drivers and absolutely nothing else.  This means I'm unlikely to consider buying from Dell*, as their systems come with numerous software trials and other junk to be deleted for optimum performance.  I could uninstall them myself (or, more likely, just FDISK the whole thing), but shouldn't have to, and I don't wish to endorse the 'sp*m bundling' practice.

For those who do particularly want a Dell PC (or those whose employers buy from the company) but also want to delete the rubbish, offers the 'Dell De-Crapifier', a script to facilitate the uninstallation process.

*: Pity. I'd kind of like to contribute fake data to the intrusive US Government declaration.

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