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26 April, 2006

This song leaks out

At long last, a release date has been announced for 'Stupid Dream', my absolute favourite Porcupine Tree album which was initially released in 1999 but which has been out-of-print since 2002 due to record company issues.

A remixed and remastered edition of 'Stupid Dream' will be released on 15 May with a bonus DVD-A containing a surround sound mix of the album.  As itemised before, there will be bonus material.  Pre-orders are being accepted immediately.

It is very important to note that this edition will only be available from Burning Shed (Porcupine Tree's own web store), and absolutely no others. Do not wait for your local store or Amazon to obtain copies, as that is never intended to happen. Mail order from Burning Shed is the only option.
A 1-CD general retail edition will be issued eventually, but that will definitely omit the DVD-A and presumably the bonus tracks, and no release date has even been implied yet. Due to record company issues (yes, the same ones), this release date could be a long way off.

[Update 11/7/06: Well, that was the original plan. With apologies, the band have announced that the two-disc edition will be available via normal retail outlets for a limited period.]

Oh; Burning Shed are also offering a 2-LP vinyl edition, with bonus tracks. The release date is the same as the CD/DVD-A edition, 15 May, and preorders are similarly being accepted now.

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