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20 April, 2006

No hesitation

I'm torn.  One one side, I don't support petitions.  On the other, I think animal rights terrorists are abhorrent scum.
Hence, I'm pleased to at least help publicise the People's Petition (crap name), an online petition enabling people to express support for medical research using animals.  Which I definitely do.

If you agree that:

  • Medical research is essential for developing safe and effective medical and veterinary treatments, requiring some studies using animals.
  • Where there is no alternative available, medical research using animals should continue in the UK.
  • People involved in medical research using animals have a right to work and live without fear of intimidation or attack.
Visit the petition site to register your support.

Note that this refers to minimal, essential, medical research, not for consumer products such as cosmetics – that's a different issue, which I don't endorse.

More info from the BBC.


Signed. Thanks for that.

I'm not the biggest fan of animal testing but I admit that it's necessary in some cases and that those that carry it out should not be the subject of campaigns of intimidation by loonies who really need to get better hobbies.

Posted by Neil T. at April 20, 2006 03:40 PM
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