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13 April, 2006

Unlucky black shirt

I bought a new T-shirt earlier in the week*, and wore it for the first time today.  I suspect it's going to be unlucky.

I don't mean I anticipate it bringing me bad luck, I mean the shirt itself seems to be unlucky (metaphorically; I don't really believe in 'luck').
Within an hour of my putting it on, I'd spilled tea down the front, and I've subsequently splashed it with coconut milk (could have been worse: I was using fish sauce a moment later) and later it was caught in the blast radius of a massive sneeze.

Straight to the laundry basket, I think, before something else happens.

*: The grey Firefox one, a design rather better in theory than execution, as the Fx icon doesn't contain sufficient contrast when simply converted to greyscale and enlarged to a diameter of 12 cm (5"), so is annoyingly indistinct.

[Update 15/02/08: Rereading this today, coincidentally whilst wearing that shirt, I'm glad to say my tongue-in-cheek superstition has been proved wrong: this is one of my favourite shirts, worn frequently, and is as clean as... bugger; what's that?]

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