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12 April, 2006

Internet clipboard

Nice idea: copy-and-paste between computers.  I routinely e-mail blocks of text to myself, which is adequate, but if one wishes to save even the small amount of time taken to log into an e-mail account, try, 'the internet clipboard'.

It's literally that: go to any URL beginning "" (invent your own), paste in the content* to be transferred, and upload it. Then visit the same URL from anywhere else in the world and copy the content.

To clarify a point which eluded me for a moment, one doesn't need to go to the home page, log-in and use a specific user interface: go straight to the URL you invent and the interface is already there. There's no account sign-up, and no hoops to jump through. Use a different URL each time, if you want. Subdirectories are possible e.g. '', so one could be systematic.

This has possibilities for collaborative working (it that's your thing), but if you don't want the risk of people accidentally wandering into a publicly-accessible page (and theoretically modifying the content), the chosen URL can be password-protected.

*: Attachments of up to 2Mb are fine too, but are automatically deleted after one download.

[Via Lifehacker.]

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