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19 April, 2006

Customer friendly

Like the majority of the global population, I dislike phone caller management systems, and always prefer to deal with companies by e-mail or post.  Sometimes I can't avoid using the phone, so I make a cup of tea and prepare to be stuck in a queue for 15-20 mins.

Surprisingly, I've just encountered a relatively good interface.

  • A recorded voice welcomed me, and notified me that I could use a menu or go straight to a real person i.e. I didn't have to listen to the menu first.
  • I did have to join a queue, and was asked which genre of music I'd prefer to hear whilst waiting &ndash and 'no music' was an option.
  • The automated operator was able to inform me immediately that the queue was very long, and that it wouldn't be practical for me to wait; I was asked to call again later. That was mildly annoying, but being told up-front was very welcome.
So, well done, Company-I-Won't-Advertise-By-Naming; at least you can get something right....


The best solution to the problem i've encountered is the company giving the option to call you back, rather than wait in a queue.

Posted by dan at April 22, 2006 12:23 PM
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