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10 April, 2006

Tan-through bike gloves

Helen tells me that it's possible to buy UV-neutral swimsuits, which avoid tan lines.  I'm not sure why she cares, as her favoured complexion is rather more 'alabaster' than 'mahogany', and she's not exactly the outdoors type!

Whatever; I'm fed-up of developing cyclist's arms each summer: brown to the wrists but with white hands and eye-catching brown spots where the straps of my bike gloves leave small gaps.  If someone was to make tan-through cycling gloves (not golf gloves!), I'd be interested.


Try This company is a leading manufacturer in cycle clothing and in 2004 also made gloves made from this material.

Posted by joe at May 11, 2006 10:54 AM

Hi, I think u can solve the problem in a simpler way. Why do you need to put on gloves when cycling? To have better grip? If so, why not tape the handle of your bike with spongy tape. U can try those used for tennis or badminton racket. Once you hv the grip on the handles, u don't need gloves anymore. No glove, no tanlines!

Posted by Colin at June 4, 2006 02:32 AM

It's a good suggestion – thanks – but I'm afraid it wouldn't work in my specific case. I occasionally suffer from contact dermatitis, so need to avoid too tight a grip on the handlebars.
It's a bit like wearing hiking socks to avoid blisters: one's feet move against the socks and the socks move against the boots, avoiding direct abrasion of boots against skin.

I already have slightly spongy high-grip 'sleeves' on the handlebars, but they appreciably wear down within a few months, and the gloves wear through, which is an indication of the stresses they're saving my skin!

Thanks, though.

Posted by NRT at June 4, 2006 08:44 AM
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