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8 April, 2006

Random queries no. 41

One of a series of genuine search engine enquiries which successfully brought visitors to the Ministry.  Can I help?

disused derelict building deserted ruins empty abandoned

I get a vague hint that you're interested in buildings that aren't actually occupied....

Just one tip: be aware that Google defaults to searching for all submitted search terms (individually, in any order), so this enquiry (using the UK-only index and with SafeSearch enabled &ndash kind of restricting your options!) only returns those 112 pages which contain all the terms, whereas I suspect you wanted pages containing any combination of one or two: 'disused building' or 'derelict building', for example.

In this case, it'd be better to use the
'Advanced Search'
interface at Google, and insert the search term in the 'with at least one of the words' search box instead of the default 'with all of the words' box. The same effect could be achived via the standard interface by inserting 'OR' between each term.

That's a bit too open (over 2 billion results), so try:
"disused building" OR "derelict building" OR "deserted building" OR "empty building" OR "abandoned building"
This gives 107,000 UK-only references.

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