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27 March, 2006

New Anathema soon

Anathema are in the studio this week, recording three new songs.  They're not for an album or commercial release (at present), but have a more promotional purpose, hopefully generating interest in record labels and fans.

Through no fault of their own, Anathema are currently unsigned, as their previous label, Music For Nations, was folded into parent company BMG/Zomba. Hence, though the songs are to be released in mid-April via the band's website for free, fans are encouraged to pay for the downloads via PayPal. The band are bearing all their own costs at present, so paying for the downloads would be helping them personally, not merely boosting a multinational's profits. This promotion could make a difference to the band's continued viability.

This isn't brand new news, but the original announcement said the tracks would be released via iTunes, which is why I haven't spread the word until now. I don't support the distribution of music exclusively in a DRM-crippled proprietory format, least of all Apple's. Thankfully, Anathema saw sense and revised that plan.

[Update 20/4/06: The first of these songs, 'Everything' is now available.

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