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24 March, 2006

Modern marvels

'MAKE:' presents the top 25 (US) inventions of 2006 (that's a bit premature, isn't it?), as chosen by the 'Modern Marvels Invent Now Challenge'.  There's quite a range, from surgical instruments to bridge supports, from chemical engineering to sports.  Some seem a bit academic (I nearly said frivolous, but that's unfair), such as a maglev bow & arrow or remote controls for a (real) horse, but some are excellent.

My favourite is the shift bicycle:

This is intended to help small children learn to balance on their own without the crutch of training wheels and the worry of skinned knees. The bicycle features two rear wheels that are spread apart at slow speeds to provide critical stability, and as the rider gains speed, the two rear wheels merge together to act as one wheel until the rider reduces speed and consequently returns the bicycle to the two wheel configuration.

[Via BoingBoing.]

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