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15 March, 2006

Simply iconic

She doesn't have the same level of mainstream recognition, but it's arguable that Bettie Page had at least as much of an impact on post-1950s popular culture as Marilyn Monroe.  Even if her name isn't familiar, the pin-up model's 'look' is, and has been massively influential.  I could even use the word 'zeitgeist' in this context, but that'd be dangerously pretentious....

The LA Times, which credits her as having "helped usher in the sexual revolution of the 1960s", provides an interesting article about her life. For example, it's paradoxical that the famous Irving Klaw bondage photos which cemented her fundamental role in fetish imagery are the only part of her modeling career she regrets, yet without them it's doubtful that she'd still be signing autographs at the age of 82.

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