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18 February, 2006

Cycle ride: Lancaster-Crook o'Lune-Lancaster

The section of the River Lune between Lancaster and the Crook O'Lune near Caton is extremely familiar, not least because I have to pass it on the way to/from pretty much anywhere east or north-east of Lancaster.  Recently, however, I was startled to see a photo of the Crook from an angle I hadn't encountered, and realised that I seem to follow permutations of the same two routes every time.  Hence, today I planned my trip in advance, targeting viewpoints of which I've always been aware, but had never visited.

For example, I routinely travel east-west along the Lune Cycleway passing the southern side of the Lune Aqueduct, and I've frequently ridden north-south along the towpath over the aqueduct, but I've never followed the path to the foot of the northern side. Now I have. ;)

I also visited the northern side of Forge Weir and investigated a tiny footpath immediately downstream of the Crook, and took a couple of photos, but unfortunately that was the point when daylight failed, and though I went on to locate the viewpoint of the photo which had inspired this ride in the first place, there was insufficient light to take my own version. Maybe next time.

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