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13 March, 2006

Shut... up...

I'm employed as a web designer/administrator, which means that to a certain extent, I'm paid for my thoughts.  It's more than possible for me to be fully absorbed in work when I don't actually have my hands on the keyboard.
That, plus the fact that I dislike small talk, means that when some... clerical assistant asks whether I "did anything at the weekend", it's disproportionately annoying.

That's a general trend whenever I'm busy, but I can't deny there's a personal aspect too – I'm not even vaguely interested in J. outside a work context, so petty social interaction with him is more tiresome than if say, L., H. or A. had asked the same question (though it's a circular argument: part of the reason I like those people is that they wouldn't demand my attention to ask pointless 'social ritual' questions).

Right; where was I...?

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