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14 August, 2005

Cycle ride: Lancaster-Warton-Silverdale-Arnside-Lancaster

Back in May, I abbreviated a trip to Arnside, having been distracted by 'shortcuts', so decided to repeat and complete it today.

Again, I followed the A6 to Carnforth at full speed, but this time avoided the cycle route bypassing Warton. Instead, I went into the village and up Crag Road for views southwards from Warton Crag. That route rejoined the low route at Leighton Moss, but I kept to the road again, straight through Silverdale to the steep southern side of Arnside Knott. This was the one point where an off-road shortcut made sense, as a 1 km walk through the woods saved 3-4 by road. I've since discovered it's a bridleway, so I could have ridden and saved even more time, but I disapprove of cycling on footpaths so when in doubt, I walk. Besides, I wasn't in a hurry.

That took me to the Arnside Knott car park, where I locked my bike to a sign and climbed the hill on foot (to the trig. pillar at the top, not the false summit at the viewpoint). The light wasn't great, but I took a few photos. Apologies if the colours appear slightly odd in a couple; that's a byproduct of post-production to minimise haze.

I'd achieved what I'd intended, but wasn't sure how to get home. After consulting the map, the most logical route seemed to be that I often followed whilst working in Milnthorpe in 2000: along the coast road from Arnside to Milnthorpe (which was further than I remembered – I'd somehow forgotten that it's fully 5 km) then down the A6 at full speed, straight home. As in May, that included a section of dual-carriageway frequented by articulated lorries and traffic leaving the M6 motorway (and hence moving at motorway speeds), but I was a little too weary to care, and did it anyway.

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