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6 June, 2006

Not so bad science

If, like me, you occasionally read Ben Goldacre's 'Bad Science' column for the Guardian, you might like to read the articles at his own site instead.  Goldacre has expressed occasional dissatisfaction about copy being cut*, which can change at least the intended emphasis of articles, so it makes sense to read versions unconstrained by word counts.

If you're unfamiliar with 'Bad Science', have a look. The remit is to critically evaluate/debunk mainstream journalistic coverage of scientific research. Fact-checking of lazy, sensationalist articles on childhood vaccination, mobile phone radiation, etc., which cite unpublished research by under- or irrelevantly-qualified academics as fact would drive me to despair (as would disentangling this sentence's subclauses...), but Goldacre manages to keep it readable.

*: Whilst acknowledging it's because he submitted excessively lengthy articles!

[Heh. I'm publishing this one at 6:06pm on 6/6/06. Coincidentally.]

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