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5 March, 2006

Random queries no.29

One of a series of genuine search engine enquiries which successfully brought visitors to the Ministry.  Can I help?

the sales of IKEA during rituals in uk

At churchgoing has declined in the UK, it might well be said that Ikea has colonised a corresponding space in the middle-class psyche, and visiting the blue and yellow out-of-town cathedrals for the sales might be likened to pilgrimages, but 'rituals' might be overstating things a little.

Then again, I wouldn't have said soft furnishings could provoke rioting, either....

The Ministry was no.8 for this search term at the Chinese-language version of – which was propitious.

Aha! I've discovered a Guardian article, responding to that 'riot', which develops much the same points as I just did here. I don't recall having seen it before, honest!

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