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1 March, 2006

OSI approaching freedom

Quite specific details of the forthcoming second album from OSI have been known for at least a month by those 'in the right places'.  However, nothing had been officially confirmed until now, so I've been avoiding saying much.

Anyway; it's called 'Free' and will feature Kevin Moore, Jim Matheos and Mike Portnoy again, with Joey Vera (of 'Fates Warning') appearing on five of the eleven tracks.

The announcement says that "Kevin Moore and Jim Matheos will be releasing a new OSI album...", which rather suggests that Mike P 'merely' played, having had a limited role in the actual composition and production. We'll have to see.

'Free' is scheduled for release on 21 April, though a special 2CD edition will be released, only in Europe, on 24 April.
If the debut 'OSI' album was any indication, the second CD of bonus tracks and outtakes will be of limited interest (I'd strongly recommend buying 'OSI', but don't make a particular effort to find the limited edition), but the price difference between the standard and special editions will be so minor that it will be worth buying the special edition anyway.

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