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2 March, 2006

CD hole closed

Thirteen months (to the day) after I mentioned it, it's been announced that mail-order shopping via Jersey, hence avoiding VAT ('sales tax'), is to be restricted.  UK retailers such as Tesco and Asda, who effectively just use Jersey as a mailbox, are to have their export licences withdrawn within a year.  They won't be able to simply transfer operations to the neighbouring Guernsey, either, as that island has said they're unwelcome.

Jersey-based businesses that buy stock in Jersey and store it there before selling it, such as, will still be able to operate. Last year, I noticed that Amazon Jersey was trading as an independent affiliate of, which presumably also avoids the latest restriction. I don't know (or care) about HMV.

Not that I've tried the Amazon service myself; when I investigated it last time, it didn't seem to be significantly worthwhile.

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