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28 February, 2006

Douglas Adams was right

As part of my 'Random Queries' thread ;)  Neil links to an explanation of how to wear a shemagh (a Middle Eastern head wrap also popular with the British military).  It's sad that looking 'Arabic' would be considered inadvisable in the current political situation, as I'd happily wear one for walking or cycling.  It'd have to be a black one, of course.

The slightly creepy* says that "Next to his rifle, knife and boots, the shemagh is probably one of the most useful pieces of equipment a soldier can have." In addition to protecting the head and neck from sun, snow, wind, sand and dust, the shemagh has many uses, including as a towel.

And, as any reader of 'The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy' will know, everything's okay if you have your towel.

*: I'm not entirely comfortable about glorifying the military.

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