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23 February, 2006

Disable error reporting

Whenever a program crashes, Windows attempts to send an error report to Microsoft.  This is particularly annoying if it's Firefox that's crashed!  I always hit 'Don't Send', but thanks to a quick tip at Lifehacker, I've permanently turned off error reporting in my copy of WinXP Pro.

In Control Panel, select 'System', the 'Advanced' tab and the 'Error Reporting' button. This route might be slightly different in XP Home, but only slightly. Select the 'Disable Error Reporting' radio button.

Simple as that.


I actually report errors quite a bit, unless I'm working on something that I don't want viewing by MS. Generally though I don't report Firefox errors since it comes with its own Talkback application (which may or may not have been installed with Firefox on your machine, by default it only installs 1 in 5 times unless you select to do a custom install) so I use that instead since it's probably of more use to the Mozilla Foundation.

Posted by Neil T. at February 23, 2006 06:22 PM

Nice little tip, I never send error reports either.

Posted by danbee at February 24, 2006 10:10 AM
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