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23 February, 2006

Random queries no.27

One of a series of genuine search engine enquiries which successfully brought visitors to the Ministry.  Can I help?

who to complain to when people keep going up on the kerb when parking

Quite simply, a traffic warden or police officer. 'Parked on a footway' is a ticketable offence. However, it's used relatively infrequently, apparently, and only when a vehicle is unambiguously causing an obstruction. Parking half-on, half-off the kerb is universally tolerated.

Here's an example in which the disabled user of a scooter publicly appealed to local drivers to avoid parking on the kerb, as it limited his mobility. In that instance:

A spokesman for Cheshire police said parking on a footpath or kerb is illegal if it causes an obstruction, but that warnings would usually be given to drivers before a ticket is issued.

I understand that it's technically illegal to drive across a pavement or verge except where a dropped kerb has been installed, as one might damage the pavement or pipes/cables beneath it. I'm not sure whether that regulation could be used against parkers.
It's definitely illegal to park over or in front of a dropped kerb, as that's officially-designated access, which can't be blocked.

I think the fundamental answer is that you could complain to the police, but don't expect a response unless there are aggravating circumstances, or officers have nothing else to do.

Incidentally, I discovered this by rephrasing the search as 'parking on kerb illegal'.

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