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14 February, 2006

Get a dog instead

Who cares whether it's possible?  Why would one wish to train a cat to give a handshake?  It's not a toy.  If you want a handshake, get a dog.  If you want stinging lacerations and cute rows of stitches, feel free to annoy the cat.

The associated tip about 'how to cool your cat down in the summer' similarly fails to understand cats:

Is your cat always laying down in the summer, not playing because it's too hot? Well, now your cat can be cooled off and playing in no time.
A cat is not a toy, existing solely to satisfy an owner's whims for empty amusement. It it doesn't want to play, leave it alone.

[Via Lifehacker, which unaccountably seems to think furry handshakes are a great idea.]

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