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13 February, 2006

Lazy Sunday

In describing my day to Andy yesterday, I said that I'd overslept1, read a book2, processed some photos3, had some lunch4, watched a film5 then visited him and Alizon for a meal6.

He responded that it sounded as if my day had been as productive as his, waiting (in vain) for the rain to stop so he could work on the garage roof.

The implication seemed to be that reading a book or watching a film are means to pass time when one doesn't have the drive or opportunity to do something better. Opinions differ, of course (and I don't know whether that's remotely what Andy meant!), but that's certainly not my view. Books and films matter to me; they are the better thing to do.

1: Until ~10:45. That's extremely rare for me; I normally wake at about 08:00 each morning, including weekends. I must have needed the extra top-up.

2: 'Good Omens' (Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman, 1990). This was the third time I've read it since 1990, and I was surprised how much it's dated, particularly (and, okay, unsurprisingly) the references to technology: audio tapes, phones and computers.
And yes, I did read all 384 pages in one sitting, not counting two tea breaks.

3: These.

4: Chicken red curry. Pretty good, though I simply added chicken and coconut milk to a curry paste, so I can't exactly claim any credit.

5: 'Aguirre: The Wrath Of God' (1972). Not recommended.

6: Though I don't normally comment on personal 'current events', it was gorgeous. Thanks, Al!

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