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29 May, 2005

Cycle ride: Lancaster-Garstang-Chipping-Dunsop Bridge-Lancaster

This was my first 'long' bike ride of the year; indeed, probably my longest planned bike ride to date.

It began with a quick 21 mph blast down the A6 to Garstang, then followed minor roads around the southern boundary of the Forest of Bowland AONB to Chipping, then even smaller lanes across to the Hodder Valley. That was quite a long way in itself, but it was also the easy part. From Dunsop Bridge I still had to climb the Trough of Bowland, follow Wyresdale to Abbeystead, then climb again to pass Jubilee Tower and return to Lancaster. In total, I rode 45.47 miles (73.18 km, or the equivalent of Manchester to Leeds) in 5:22 hours (3:57 moving), at a maximum speed of 29.8 mph.

The weather was good, so I took a few (dozen...) photos.

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