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6 February, 2006

What's it really about?

Quick!  Rush!
As I was unlocking my bike this evening, I noticed a poster advertising that Cartmel College is hosting a screening of England winning the 1966 football World Cup.
There's a blog posting right there, about fans' bizarre desire to cling to an event that occurred forty years ago, but I noticed something else, too.

In teeny-tiny print at the bottom of the poster was the statement (admission?) that the event was being run by the Evangelical christian Union (an organisation that's been less than tolerant of other religious groups on campus, especially PaganSoc), and, in text so small as to defy legibility, that the event will include discussion of St. John's gospel. Evidently the glorious football match has a Moral.

I don't like to ascribe motivation without evidence, but the very size (or lack of it) of the small print does strongly suggest a deliberate intent to mislead, to tempt football fans into a room under blatantly false pretences.

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