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1 February, 2006

Ministry clouded

Word clouds, as seen at Flickr and Technorati, display the most frequently used words in a body of text, with frequency of use depicted by the relative size of each word.
Snapshirts has calculated word clouds for certain prominent books, and offers them on T-shirts, mousemats, etc.  Nice idea.
They also offer a vanity product for bloggers: a T-shirt depicting a word cloud derived from one's own website.

I'm not quite self-obsessed enough to spend $18 + p&p on such a shirt, and certainly not self-obsessed enough to wear one, but I can at least use the ordering software to generate a word cloud for this site (or is it just the index page?).

Word cloudbetter, bike, blog, book, books, car, case, cinema, count, cycle, cycling, days, design, different, end, fact, film, form, four, full, good, graphics, hence, high, history, home, hours, house, idea, important, information, interesting, internet, lancaster, least, life, like, little, mail, miles, ministry, minutes, months, morning, mother, mph, music, night, note, nrt, office, one, original, page, pages, palpable, passion, people, person, photos, play, plot, point, porcupine, pretty, problem, queries, rain, random, read, reason, remember, ride, right, road, route, seemed, slightly, spam, story, tech, think, thought, three, time, tour, trading, tree, tull, two, university, url, walking, water, web, whilst, words, work, world, years

Of course, one could use any website, or even drop any chosen text into a web page and point the mapping software at it, so one could make fairly novel uses of the facility. Perhaps a privacy activist could wear a T-shirt featuring a word cloud of the ID Cards Bill, or a fan of Terry Gilliam's 'Brazil' might like to wear a word cloud of the screenplay.

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