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26 January, 2006

Ameliorating the inevitable

CNN reports that a Mexican government commission plans to distribute 70,000 maps showing highways, rescue beacons and water tanks in the Arizona desert to minimise deaths amongst those illegally crossing the US border.  However, some in the USA feel it'll encourage and assist illegal migration.

It's an interesting dilemma. I can see the objectors' point, but if migration is going to happen anyway – and I think one can assume it will, irrespective of 'assistance' – isn't it a good idea to make it as safe as possible?

This is directly comparible to making contraception available to teenagers – does it encourage underage sex, or address the consequences of something that'd happen anyway?

[Via Cartography.]

[Update: 22:18: Again via Cartography, it's reported that distribution of the maps has been put 'on hold' by the Mexican government, not due to pressure from US authorities but because the maps could help violent anti-immigration groups to locate the likely migration routes.]

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