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13 January, 2006

Sweet Victory

There are times when I wish New York was a little closer.  Digital artist Ray Caesar has an exhibition there, which I'd like to attend.

Though those accustomed to 3D digital art are unlikely to be fooled, the immediate visual impression could almost convince one that his images are paintings. I love his attention to detail and the consequent richness of his images: slight freckling in skintones, intricate patterns and even surface texture in silk brocade, and tiny quirky details in odd corners.
The subject matter is wonderful, too: fragile, doll-like figures rendered deeply sinister by a combination of surreality and subtle eroticism (though there's no sense of sexualising children!).

I forget where I read it, but a fellow admirer once said the images are so tactile one wants to touch everything, but with a constant fear that one might be about to lose a finger.

There's an immediate similarity to Mark Ryden's work, but it's somehow distinct: more delicate and precise, and much darker, with less kitsch humour. Ryden's images are 'real' paintings, too.
Incidentally, by 'real' I mean analogue, 'brush-on-paper'; I don't regard digital art as inferior.

[Via BoingBoing.]

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