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21 January, 2006

Stone hedges

While I'm on the subject:

The region encompassing North Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria is renowned for its dry stone walls: field boundaries constructed using irregular stones, typically cleared from the enclosed fields themselves, but no mortar.

Dry stone walls. They are not called 'stone hedges', okay?

I've encountered true 'stone hedges' (cloddiau) in North West Wales, but they're a very different thing: stone-faced earth banks, which become colonised by plants. Long-established vegetated embankments can look like ordinary, plant-only hedges, but one wouldn't want to crash into one!

In Cornwall, all such field boundaries, whether plant-only, stone-only or vegetated stone/soil embankments, are called 'hedges', but that's Cornwall, not Northern England.

Hopefully this'll clear up a few faulty search engine enquiries.

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