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19 January, 2006

Smart power

This is a good idea: a 'mains panel' (multi-socket bar used to connect multiple plugs to a single wall socket – what are those things called?) with an extra feature.  Plug a computer power supply into the indicated socket of the 'One-Click' bar, and printers, scanners, etc. into the other sockets.  When one switches off the PC, the bar cuts power to the peripherals.

I particularly like the manufacturer's rationale/disclaimer:

We are not scaremongering beardy weirdoes on an environmental crusade, but committed and informed futurists who believe that commerce, profit and pleasure need not have consequences for the earth’s natural resources, or well being. For if we have access to innovative and modestly priced products that help prevent energy excesses, every one of us will have the power to safeguard the world we live in.

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