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10 January, 2006

Grammar matters

It really does.  I can honestly say that correct grammar is second-nature to me, but as Sarah explains (in a more compelling manner than I could achieve), even if one finds grammar difficult, it is worth making the effort.

You don't have to know how to spell everything in the dictionary, and you don't have to have the serial-semicolon rule embroidered on a pillow, but if you have reached voting age in the United States, you need to know the basics of English usage, because if you don't, you look like an idiot. No, don't. Don't start with that "grammar Nazi" business. Don't get all "nobody gives a shit about that crap" and "it's so anal, who cares" and "well, you know what I mean." I give a shit about that crap. I know it's anal, but I care, and so do a lot of other people – people who respect you, but might respect you less when you dash off an email to the effect of "I'll meet you their"; people in a position to give you a job, who won't because you didn't proofread your cover letter....
Sarah even offers assistance with annoying common errors, though it's worth remembering she's working in American English, not English.
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