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9 January, 2006

Comprehensive troubleshooting

J. is currently printing out a few documents over the network, using the colour printer attached to my PC.  I've never used it, so though it's several months old, this is the first time colour ink has been drawn from the cartridges.  The initial result was a little scratchy, so I've opened the 'maintenance' software to run a colour test.

Let's see... 'Install A New Print Cartridge', 'Align Edges', 'Print A Test Page', 'Remove Japanese Postcard Residue'.

Er... what?

[Update 12/01/06: I do know what Japanese postcard residue is, thanks! I just think it's an odd item to mention on the menu – I'd have thought it a minority-interest item which could be omitted from the standard user interface.

For those who were wondering, Hagaki card stock and similar types of paper leave a powdery residue on print rollers. This accumulation can be removed by simply loading then ejecting a sticky cleaning sheet. It's not even as if there's a special cleaning cycle to run: the menu item opens a popup window providing instructions, but doesn't actually do anything.]


Shows how insulated my life is, I did not know that Japanese Postcard was also a valid paper size....

Someone else mentioned your printer setting.

Are Japanese postcards a big threat to the general printing public????

Posted by showtaper at January 9, 2006 06:35 PM

Are Japanese postcards a big threat to the general printing public?

No, but their residue is a bugger to shift

Posted by Siobhan Curran at January 9, 2006 09:55 PM
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