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9 January, 2006

Bugmenot will return shortly

If anyone's concerned about the fact that Bugmenot is currently unavailable and the domain is parked, don't worry – it's only a temporary problem.  Eric promises to work on it this week.

If anyone's unaware of Bugmenot, it's a means of evading 'compulsory' web registration. Want to read an article in, say, the New York Times, but without providing your contact details for marketing purposes? With Bugmenot installed, simply right-click on the login/password field and a fake ID will be drawn from a global database.

Remember, the domain's inactive at the time of writing, so the link in the foregoing paragraph will be dead (well, sleeping heavily). Give it a few days and try again.


It's working for me now, and has a new site design as well to boot.

Posted by Neil T. at January 9, 2006 05:58 PM
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