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8 January, 2006

Childhood for sale

I recently spent two almost entire days in my mother's loft, sorting through toys, books, papers and... things: tangible memories, which, since the age of about eight, I put into storage rather than discard.  A lot of time has passed since then, so I've been able to be more discerning, throwing away 3-4 bin bags of outright rubbish, putting aside 1-2 boxes of fairly tatty items for charity shops and 3-4 boxes of decent-quality books suitable for eBay.

Also recently, I mentioned that I taught my mother how to sell via eBay.

You're getting ahead of me, aren't you?

Yes, she's selling my property for me. How 'helpful'. She's even promised me a cut of the profits, but was careful to state that it'd be nominal. After all, she has all the hassle of advertising and despatching my property. Did I mention it's mine? Not hers? In fact, none of her ****ing business? I am grateful that she's given me storage space for several years, but....

Worse, I'd chosen items I think I could resell for reasonable profits, and which I'd be happy to take time and effort over selling, to get the right price. My mother's selling them at the lowest prices possible, to get them "out of the way" quickly. For example, I'd considered targeting a 30+ years-old Cub Scout book at collectors of Scouting memorabilia, at a corresponding price. It's now available in the generic 'children's books' category at 99p.


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