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5 January, 2006

Great band, but not right now

I was going to say that I've really enjoyed rediscovering Anathema after not listening to them for a few months.  I suppose I still can say that, and recommend that others give them a try.

However, I've been listening to them all day – all 53 Anathema tracks in my Creative Zen, back to back, so the words 'aversion' or 'antipathy' seem more apt; hearing even one more note within the next few hours would indeed be an anathema.

I still stand by my earlier reviews of the two most recent Anathema albums (good but flawed), but I've warmed to them a bit more, and the back catalogue between 1995 (i.e. post- doom metal) and those two consists of excellent albums, especially 'Alternative 4'.

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