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5 January, 2006

Expensive last chance

The Million Dollar Homepage is almost full.

That was quick – in November, a friend was considering 'buying' (open-ended renting, really) a block of pixels, so I noticed that about 30-40% remained available. Now the final 1,000 pixels are being auctioned at eBay. There's no point in my linking to the auction, as it'll be a dead link in a few weeks, so I'll simply say that at the time of writing, the high bid is $38,100 (£21,662.50), with more than six days to go.

I suppose people will have to start on the Zero Million Dollar Homepage. Or perhaps not.

[Update 12/01/06: That ended-up being the winning bid amount. Surprisingly, there were no further (valid) bids. I'd expected a last-minute frenzy!]

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