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3 January, 2006

Could do with a little chili sauce

Coldplay have a mildly inoffensive song.  It's not to my taste &ndash musically unadventurous and lyrically very trite – but not unpleasant.  I tend to describe it as easy listening for the under-fifties, or like a traditional English kebab.

Just occasionally, it's exactly what one fancies, and whilst being consumed, it's okay. However, almost immediately afterwards one is left feeling distinctly unsatisfied, a bit greasy, and slightly nauseous.

Of course, the biggest problem with Coldplay is that they only have that one song, repeatedly rephrased to fill whole albums. Never mind composition by numbers, this is composition by demographics.


I remember my brother playing me their last but one album, and we both agreed that a few soaring Dave Gilmour/Steve Rothery guitar solos would have improved it immesurably.

OTOH, you could argue that Coldplay are to the mid noughties what Foreigner were to the late 70s; the epitome of soulless corporate rock.

Posted by Tim Hall at January 3, 2006 08:37 PM
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