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20 December, 2005


El Reg reports that Microsoft is to 'formally kill' the Mac version of IE at the end of January – no more downloads, nor support.
I'm hardly going to complain about the availability of IE declining, nor about software distribution ignoring Macs, but it's undeniable that some web designers unaccountably still use Macs, and it'd be rather useful for them to have access to IE for testing purposes.


Actually, MacIE is very different to IE in Windows - apart from the name, there is almost no common ground between the two. In particular, they render pages differently - a page that works fine in IE6 on Windows may not work at all in IE for Mac. In fact, is one prime example - viewing it in IE for Mac gives an error message and a screwed-up layout.

If web designers using Macs need to test in IE, they either need a PC or have VirtualPC/VMWare handy to run Windows. I really can't see anyone missing IE for Mac.

Posted by Neil T. at December 20, 2005 04:15 PM
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