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16 December, 2005

Thoroughly caffeinated, thanks

In another food-related article in the Guardian, the ultimate response to the question "do you have any decaf?"

Ah, those five little words that mean so much. Specifically, that somewhere along the way you have dropped your guard and become involved with the kind of po-faced gimp who thinks that ingesting a few micrograms of the mildest stimulant know to man is akin to injecting eight gallons of crystal meth into your eyeball and following it with a heroin chaser. "I'm sorry," you reply. "I only have beverages whose raison d'etre has not been removed in order to accommodate the self-indulgent witterings of morons. Would you like some water instead, or will its reckless combination of hydrogen and oxygen induce some kind of convulsion?"

[I just found it amusing, okay? I'm not really mocking decaf drinkers.]


I found it funny and I *am" mocking decaff drinkers. If you don't want caffeine, drink something else. It's also interesting that people who drink that are either quite happy, or unaware, that they are drinking a cocktail of traces of the chemicals that they use to get the caffeine out.

Posted by looby at December 17, 2005 12:17 PM
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