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12 December, 2005

At least it's quick

The University's 'Tech Support' division has made a change to its user services: consumables such as blank CD-Rs and DVD-Rs will no longer be available from the reception desk, but from a vending machine nearby.  It'll also dispense cables, batteries, USB pen drives and even mp3 players.

I suppose it'll reduce queues and make better use of techies' time, but I can't help visualising the vending machine as being of the snack food type:

  • Insert money.
  • Make selection.
  • [Chosen item falls 1.5 m into a metal trough. Crunch.]
  • Retrieve fragments of mp3 player.
  • Queue at reception desk to complain.


The machine is not ran by reception. It is a private company that runs it that specialises in such machines.

The drop will be minimal and will probably not damage the items - as they will likely be in packaging.

Posted by Anonymouse at December 14, 2005 07:35 PM

<sigh> It was a joke, okay?

Posted by NRT at December 15, 2005 12:00 AM
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