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13 December, 2005

Life tip of the day

In my experience, workoholics are no better thought of than those who do a fair day's work then go home and forget about it.

Check your priorities.


It depends on the manager. From my experience, mediocre workaholic managers *do* rate fellow workaholics highly. I've worked for a few, and there are whole companies like that.

Posted by Tim Hall at December 13, 2005 10:38 PM

It depends on the office culture. As a lawyer, I can say that the most common office culture (at least in North America) is that workaholism is not just highly rated, but expected. At some large firms ("Armani sweatshops"), associates are expected to bill 8 hours per day. That means being in the office at least 12 hours per day. Anyone who doesn't go along with that culture is at best passed over for partnership and at worst out on the street.

Fortunately, there are some smaller firms with a more humane culture. They don't pay as well, but they do allow their lawyers time with families.

Posted by Jon. at December 14, 2005 10:17 PM
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