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1 December, 2005

Ten to one

Yet another meme (there seem to have been a lot recently), via Neil.  Unlike the average LiveJournalist, I can count, so I hunted for a version with the correct number of questions.

Ten Firsts
1. First best friend: Nicky [Something]. He left the area before we even started primary school, so I last saw him when I was 3-4.
2. First screen name: The first I remember was 'esb3nrt'. 'Esb' denoted a research student in Environmental Science, '3' was a random number (why?) and 'nrt' is my name (technically, my initials).
3. First pet: Copper the hamster, when I was far to young for the responsibility. It died, by starvation, according to my mother, who made me feel awful. I still blame her. Seriously.
4. First piercing: None. I like other people's piercings (esp. multiple ear piercings), but recoil from the idea of having one myself. Somewhat Freudian?
5. First crush: Becky [Something]. At primary school. I haven't seen her since we went to different secondary schools at the age of 11.
6. First CD: No idea. First tape and first LP, yes, but CD: not a clue.
7. First love: Helen. And the second, years later. It's complicated.
8. First computer: I'm not sure of the full spec, but it was a 468 running Win3.11, bought in ~1994.
9. First car: I've never owned a car.
10. First stuffed animal: My grandmother apparently bought me a teddy when I was born (actually, I suspect that story is slightly garbled. Must ask my mother). He's no longer in my bed, but he is in my bedroom.

Nine Lasts
1. Last alcoholic beverage: A pint of Blond Witch, 18 Nov. Not bad, but I don't feel a need for another in the near future.
2. Last vehicle ride: I cycled back to campus four hours ago. Last car ride: 20 Nov., back from Whernside.
3. Last movie seen: 'Citizen Kane'. Regularly voted 'the best film ever'. I wouldn't rate it that highly, and the 1941 dialogue was a bit grating, but I can easily see why it's considered important and influential.
4. Last phone call: Received: a cold-caller wanting to publish the Uni. prospectus. Made: H, last night.
5. Last CD played: 'Play' (Moby, 1999), whilst repairing a puncture last night (twice – don't ask). Each time I hear it, I wonder why it's been so long since the last time. I prefer some of the remixes and B-Sides, though.
6. Last bubble bath: I may have had a bubble bath this year, probably after a long bike ride, but I don't recall exactly when.
7. Last time you ate: About 13:00, which is anomalously early for a weekday lunch.
8. Last time you cried: Recently there was a BBC2 documentary about the first day of the First World War battle of the Somme; images of vast war cemeteries always affect me.
9. Last time you danced alone in your room: I don't remember.

Eight 'Have You Evers'
1. Have you ever dated one of your best friends? Yes.
2. Have you ever been arrested? Sort-of. I wasn't charged, and it wasn't officially recorded.
3. Have you ever skinny dipped? Yes.
4. Have you ever been on TV? Possibly. TV cameras have been present in places I've been. I've never specifically been filmed for TV.
5. Have you ever kissed someone, and then regretted it? Yes. Thanks for reminding me....
6. Have you ever had a sex dream about someone you knew? Yes, of course.
7. Have you ever cheated? If this is related to the foregoing two questions, definitely not. More generally, yes, if I've been able to justify to myself that society's petty rituals don't deserve to be honoured.
8. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance? No.

Seven Things You're Wearing
1. Fleece (grey-green).
2. 'Fish' T-shirt (black).
3. Trousers (black)
4. Pants (er... blue)
5. Socks (purple)
6. Left boot (black)
7. Right boot (black)
And that's everything - no watch, jewellery, etc.

Six Things You've Done Today
1. Eaten breakfast at home (not usual).
2. Cycled to work, collected a few papers, then straight on to a 'log cabin' at a nearby golf course, for an 'away day' meeting (just 09:30-13:30, with lunch provided).
3. Justified my existence.
4. Updated a few web pages, answered a few e-mails.
5. Drunk tea.
6. Completed this questionnaire.

Five Favourite Things In No Order
1. Certainly not a 'thing', but: Helen.
2. My bike.
3. My camera.
4. Bed.
5. Er... I'm not really a 'things' person!

Four Choices
1. eat or drink? Eat.
2. blonde or brunette? Brunette.
3. pink or black? Black. Of course.
4. rain or shine? Shine.

Three People You Can Tell Almost Anything
1. Helen.
2. Alizon.
3. There isn't a third.

Two Things You Want To Do Before You Die
1. Achieve immortality.
2. Cheat death.

One Thing You Regret
1. Taking Chemistry to 'A' Level, rather than English. The next decade of my life would have been rather different.


Were these "468" computers somewhere between a 386 and 486 in speed? :-)

Posted by Jan B at December 1, 2005 06:41 PM

That explains a lot....

Posted by NRT at December 1, 2005 07:54 PM
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