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3 December, 2005


The European Hedgehog, Erinaceus europaeus, is one of Britain's commonest wild mammals, and pretty much everyone in the country will have seen one, if only as roadkill.  I nearly contributed to the statistics a couple of weeks ago, when a stone on the Scotch Quarry cyclepath suddenly strolled in front of my wheels (don't worry, I swerved).  A few years ago, my father rescued several piggsvin from anti-bird netting protecting a neighbour's fruit trees in S.Norway and gave them food and shelter for a few hours to recover, but they were very much wild animals (I suppose I'd be a bit annoyed about being trapped, too).

The very ubiquity of the species might be skewing my perception, but I couldn't even conceive of a hedgehog being a caged house pet.

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